The Birth Of Hospital Scrubs

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There may be a lot of professionals now who are tired of wearing the same uniform all throughout the day. For those who are in the medical profession, hospital scrubs are often the apparel required by many hospital administrators. Doctors, nurses, and medical technicians are easily distinguishable in their differently colored scrub pants and tops. And over the years, scrubs manufacturers have altered and made some changes on the styles and designs of hospital scrubs. But despite the new and vast variety of scrubs already available in the market today, many people still picture the typical green surgical scrubs when someone pops the subject of medical scrubs. Scrubs, however, do not make a big deal, though, in the way of fashion. However, the main purpose of these hospitals is to help maintain a clean environment in today's hospitals.

For majority, the mental of a hospital scrub uniform is obtained significantly from what is seen on TV. There are a lot of hospital shoes to aid to that: M.A.S.H, Grey's Anatomy, as well as Scrubs they all shape up the public's general view of hospital life and procedures. While we enjoy these programs, especially its beautiful cast, it is very unlikely that these shows mirror real hospital life.

The reality is, hospital life is dirty, filled with fluids, and life threatening. In real hospitals, doctors must all be quick thinking as they are entitled to several very important decisions each day in the hope and purpose of saving lives. When making these decisions, doctors need to move fast, too often forced into using one surgery tool to the next, as well as from one patient to another. In the dawn of formal medicine, such rapid movements contributed to the spread of disease from one patient to another. This had made trips to the hospital more dangerous than beneficial.

Thanks to advances in medical methodologies and technology, there is an increased professional knowledge on the spreading of infection. Thus ways were formulated to provide this as well as preventing hospital contamination with diseases coming from patients. Hospital scrubs are one of these solutions that aid in reducing the spread of infection due to lack of sanitation.

Before the different styles of hospital scrubs were created, doctors had worn their street clothes while examining and operating on their patients. Some doctors had began to wear butcher's aprons to protect their street clothing from getting stained with blood and other fluids. However, later on, the unsightly contrast between the crisp bleached white apron and the accretion of blood and guts from surgical procedures became too much for many people. This has brought to the invention of hospital scrubs which was originally used by surgeons in surgery. These were the green scrubs very popular to many.

Today, almost all hospital staff wear scrubs, and even those medical employees working outside the hospital.

Thus the main purpose why hospital scrubs were created was to help decrease the spread of infection as well as maintain sanitized hospital environment.

So choose your scrubs well. There are, in fact, several online retailers that will gladly provide the scrubs of your preference. Just make sure to check with your hospital administrator first on which types of scrubs you are allowed to wear.
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The Birth Of Hospital Scrubs

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This article was published on 2010/12/04